For those who have been with us from the start, you know that Reonomy originated as a property-centric platform, providing coverage on the 52 million+ commercial properties and attributing building characteristics, transactional information, and ownership details to each property.

We have since gained a more comprehensive understanding of the gaps in intelligence available to the CRE industry and have been hard at work turning customer and market feedback into an offering that exposes areas of opportunity for the market. This research has propelled us into a new chapter at Reonomy, exploring the portfolios of key players within the CRE market and revealing linkages between properties and associated people and companies.

The introduction of Owner Portfolios will come to market in a series of stages, beginning with enhancements to our web application and with updates to our data solutions to follow.

Learn more below about Owner Portfolios and the first series of related feature updates to the web application:

What are Owner Portfolios?

Owner Portfolios provide insight into the full expanse of properties owned by one entity—which could be one individual or a company of varying size. Portfolios reveal relationships and help to contextualize the complex relationships between properties, owners, and owning entities.

As this information was previously difficult for stakeholders within the CRE industry to uncover, Ownership Portfolios transform the business development process and enable CRE industry professionals to make more informed decisions.

What is the Reonomy Knowledge Graph?

The Reonomy Knowledge Graph is the underlying technology fueling Reonomy Owner Portfolios.

The map below defines the components of the Reonomy Knowledge Graph, a flexible framework that provides a more true-to-life data representation of the CRE domain.

The Reonomy Knowledge Graph harnesses cutting-edge technology to connect the universe of data points within CRE, bridging the gaps in relational data and providing insight into the dimensionality of an owner’s portfolio.

What related features are now available in the Reonomy Web Application? 

Updated Ownership Tab – Access an improved view of the reported owner, companies, and individuals associated with a property to better fuel your team’s research and outreach strategies.

NEW Owner Profile– Leverage intelligence on the full view of assets, location overview, and asset breakdown to maximize relationshipsTh

NEW Owner Quick Search – Access an owner’s profile in seconds: run your search for an owner by name or company, right from the search bar at the top of your screen.

Updated Owner Filters – With the introduction of new filters, including owner type, contact information, and portfolio size, seamlessly conduct research and gain a deeper understanding of potential within your market.

For existing customers and for organizations currently trialing the Reonomy Web Application, take a look at this sample search in our help center to learn more about accessing an owner’s portfolio.
For all other inquiries, please contact us.

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