Reonomy is expanding to the West Coast!

After seven years of operating only out of New York City, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be opening our second office—in Los Angeles, California.

Going bi-coastal will enable us to better serve our West Coast clients, while allowing us to draw a larger focus towards growing our audience in regions across the country.

How We Got Here (2013-2019)

Despite always being in New York City, Reonomy has deemed a few locations its “headquarters” over the years.

Starting in the Chelsea neighborhood in 2013, Reonomy also spent some time in the Flatiron District, before ending up in our current location in Midtown East, Manhattan.

Our CEO and Co-founder, Rich Sarkis, had some time to reminisce on the early days of Reonomy while looking forward to the forthcoming expansion:

“Recently I came across an email I sent to Nestle when we moved into our very first office, where I was inquiring about water delivery for three people…”

The email:

“Those were the days when the water cooler talk would have included the entire company,” Rich added. “Not long ago, it would have seemed like craziness to imagine that the company would be where it is today.”

The Reonomy platform was scaled nationally in 2017, but with just 30-some-odd employees, the focus remained on honing the product itself before taking any operations nationwide.

With a $30 million Series C round in 2018, however, followed by a $60 million Series D round in 2019, expansion became a foregone conclusion.

The Reonomy HQ currently has more than 120 employees. The team will seek to add many more throughout the course of 2020, on top of laying the necessary groundwork for Reonomy West.

What Expansion Means for Us & Our Clients

With the addition of a Los Angeles office, we can continue to improve user experience with our platform on a nationwide level.

From the first connection with a prospect, through to the everyday requests they may have as a client, having a team on each coast will enable us to better stay in touch at all hours of the day, and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to us in a more timely manner.

As the Reonomy customer base and brand awareness have grown, expansion has become a much needed move for us to properly scale our services across the country.

Lastly, this first strand of expansion signals the beginning of what could be many additional U.S. offices for Reonomy down the road.

Join Reonomy West

Visit our Careers page to see the opening roles at Reonomy West (we’re looking at you, Account Executives).

From that page, you’ll also be able to see openings in our HQ.

To learn more about our leadership and culture, visit our Company page.

Interested in joining Reonomy West? Let us know! See Our Openings

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