As a solar installer, the hunt for new business can be a headache. Lead generation can be particularly difficult, but it’s absolutely vital to securing new business.

In this post, we’ll show you how to find commercial property owners and create targeted solar ads for them that drastically spike your lead generation and conversion rates.

1. Online Solar Advertising Tips and Examples
1.1 Building a List of Owners with Reonomy
1.2 Google Paid Ads
1.3 Facebook Ads
1.4 LinkedIn Ads
2. Offline Solar Advertising Tips and Examples
2.1 Direct Mail
2.2 Out-of-Home Advertising

Solar Energy Advertising

As a niche market with a growing demand for your services, commercial property owners are an ideal market to target with hard-hitting solar advertising.

The latest caps on emissions, coming into force in a number of U.S. states, are pushing commercial property owners to meet new energy-efficient quotas. The new green rules mean that solar energy is a more in-demand investment than ever before.

When commercial property owners begin to look for planet-friendly alternatives to meet the new legislative guidelines, you want your solar panel company to be one of the first they find.

Multi-channel, powerful solar panel ads are a risk-free bet for creating new, ongoing business with commercial property owners. In this post, we’ll show you how to create lead-generating solar ads for commercial property owners across any asset class.

Building a List of Owners with Reonomy

To find a hyper-targeted audience for your marketing efforts, you can use the Reonomy platform to search for very specific prospects in any U.S. county.

You can filter a property search by asset type, the size and age of building and lot, sales and debt history, and by who the owner and tenants are.

In just a few minutes, you can find your target asset, at the exact right scope, that has been recently sold (if you’re looking for new property owners)—then with access to owner contact information, you can reach out directly to decision-makers with custom marketing messages.

Online Solar Advertising Tips and Examples

From Google to Facebook, read on for the best online platforms and strategies to use to create solar ads targeting commercial property owners.

Paid Google ads appear under the ads label at the top and bottom of Google’s search bar. With the right targeting and keywords, Google Ads can be an excellent way to boost brand awareness.

Google Ads allow you to specifically target commercial property owners. You can tweak Google’s targeting settings so as to target “high-rise office owners”, in Ohio, to guarantee your solar panel ads get in front of this specific demographic.

Commercial Solar Google Ads

In addition, your Google Ad traffic stats are also highly dependent on your choice of keywords. You can search for competitive keywords, pull up historical keyword stats, and receive traffic estimates with Google Keyword Planner.

Research shows that Google Ads perform best when copy is short and sweet, benefit-rich, and includes an enticing call to action, like so:

Solar Installer Google Ad Example

Facebook Ads for Solar Installers

Facebook is a goldmine for commercial property owners. Facebook is used by more than one billion people and has more than 16 Million business pages.

Facebook Ads for Solar Installers

As noted by Fired Up Digital, Facebook ads are also highly cost-effective, and provide a solid ROI; you only need to spend 25 cents to reach 1000 people – compared to $2.75 for Google Ads, and $20.00 for a magazine feature.

Similar to Google Ads, you can use Facebook’s targeting filters to target groups from a specific demographic. For example, you can use Facebook to target commercial property owners who have previously purchased solar panels, or who have suddenly arranged an influx of green-tech orders.

In addition, you can also use Facebook to expand your reach. Facebook’s ‘Lookalike Audiences’ can be used to replicate a broader or more specific market than your current audience.

For example, if you’re targeting high-rise office owners via Facebook, you could use the Lookalike Audiences feature to target co-working space owners.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Styling Your Facebook Ad: Guaranteeing Your Solar Energy Ads Don’t Fall Flat

Solar Facebook Ad Examples

Facebook is a great place to highlight the aesthetics of the solar industry: grand-scale solar installations, visually striking PV panels, and solar panels fitted on commercial properties overlooking lush, green landscapes.

Visual ads drive engagement and boost click-through rates. Go for personal shots over stock images to humanize your ad and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Successful Facebook solar energy ads also include sharp copy, clear contact details, and a direct call to action (such as, ‘find out more’, or ‘get a free quote now’). Copy should focus on the main benefits you provide commercial property owners.

Property owners, looking to maximize their profits, are far more likely to be interested in saving money with solar power than they are in their eco-friendly benefits. The earth-friendly benefits of solar are obvious, so focus on their financial appeal. Emphasize how much you can save commercial property owners by utilizing statistics, case study snapshots, and energy bill comparisons.

Taking Leads Further Down the Funnel

To convert leads, set up a landing page that highlights the benefits of your solar panels for commercial property owners: have you won any awards? How much could commercial clients save on energy bills? Do you offer both roof and ground-mount solutions?

You can improve your conversion rates by including positive testimonials on your landing page. Testimonials act as excellent social proof, alleviating your brand in the eyes of your prospects.

As Aden Andrus at Disruptive Advertising notes, “Social proof is what makes your marketing message meaningful. Without it, your landing page just feels like bragging.”

Solar Installer Landing Page

Landing pages can then be used to send your leads lead magnets. Lead magnets are a form of content that offers value to your prospects – costing them nothing.

Lead magnets build trust with prospects and showcase your expertise, drawing prospects further down your sales funnel.

For example, if you’re targeting the multi-family niche, you may like to send prospects a new report of the latest green tech innovations improving energy efficiency – multi-family property owners added energy bill costs.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is home to over 61 million high-level influencers, making it the ideal spot to target commercial property owners. You can use LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager to craft ads based on set objectives, such as lead generation or website visits.

Linkedin Ads Solar Installers

Just like Facebook and Google, LinkedIn can be used to target select audiences – allowing you to target high-level decision-makers who may be interested in your solar services.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Studies show that LinkedIn ads featuring people perform the best. Including images of your team and satisfied customers can help humanize your brand to commercial property owners.

LinkedIn ‘single image ads’, ‘carousel image ads’, and ‘dynamic ads’ are great ads to feature images of your team and past clientele.

If you have the resources to shoot, video ads get 20% more clicks than those that just used images. A time-capsule video of an installation project is a great way to highlight the skills of your team.

Alternatively, informative videos – such as those providing information on the latest solar products and their money-saving, eco-friendly benefits, with recommendations for each market, can build your reputation as an expert in the solar field. LinkedIn ‘video ads’ are a great selection for this format.

Offline Solar Advertising Tips and Examples

As tempting as it is to stick to the online world, sometimes you can be rewarded tenfold by going old school with your solar advertising.

However, it’s easy to create flyers that never get read and posters that never get seen. Here’s how to create offline solar ads that will actually win you new commercial property customers.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail, such as postcards or leaflets, is another great way to reach commercial property owners in need of your services. Effective direct mail ads are visually striking and communicate your value in a few words.

First and foremost, go for a bold image that showcases some of your past projects or includes a shot of your team at work. Use high-quality, personalized shots to draw your prospects in.

Solar Direct Mail

Include the three key benefits that your solar panel company offers. Maybe you have over 15 years in the industry? Do you serve their unique market (i.e retail property) – bringing expertize and in-depth industry knowledge? Do you offer financing or discounts? Highlight the three key benefits in your text.

Personalizing your solar panel mail can go a long way in improving engagement. You can personalize your direct mail by including details on energy and cost savings available in your prospect’s area, or data on how much solar power can be generated based on their location.

When personalizing your direct mail, highlight specific rather than general benefits, such as, “Seattle mall owners saved 30% on their energy bills with New Wave Solar.” Statistics and case studies will pack a punch, and perform better than vague suggestions.

Direct mailers also work best when they offer a time-sensitive discount or personal code. The added time pressure will incentivize prospects to act quickly and will avoid your mail being cast aside and forgotten about.

Out-of-Home Ads

Last but not least, the out-of-home ad (OOH). OOH ads refer to outside advertising, such as billboards and LED information screens. As Air Outdoor note, “26% of customers have visited a branded website in direct response to seeing an OOH advert.”

OOH ads can be particularly effective for targeting busy commercial property owners who spend most of their tied up with projects, and may miss direct mail or other forms of online marketing – such as LinkedIn ads.

While most commercial property owners are regularly active on social media, OOH ads can ensure you capture your busiest prospects’ attention as they travel to and from the ‘office’.

OOH ads perform best when styled with eye-catching imagery, a bold tagline, and clear contact details or web address. On foot or by car, your prospects may be in a rush or too busy to read over too many details: OOH ads should draw the eye and be easy to scan over for important information – style accordingly!

Solar Advertising that Shines

Solar advertising can get you results. You just need to bring the right strategies and platforms to the table. With a greener 2019 on the horizon, commercial property owners are one of the best markets to target.

With a proven track record for driving leads and conversions, why not get started with one of the above platforms?

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