The solar industry continues to evolve rapidly. As technology advances and the cost of solar drops, more companies are finding a niche for themselves within the marketplace.

This has made the process of generating solar leads much more intricate, and much more important.

Luckily, as the solar industry evolves, so do the resources available for helping commercial installers find new business.

In this article, we’ll run through the different companies that solar installers can turn to for help with generating leads of peak value.

1. Companies that Help You Generate Solar Leads
1.1 Reonomy Solar Leads
1.2 Solar Marketing Companies
2. Companies that Sell Solar Leads
1.1 General Solar Leads
1.2 Exclusive Solar Leads

Solar Lead Generation Companies

There are generally two approaches to finding solar leads. The first school of thought focuses on buying leads.

The second school of thought focuses on generating commercial solar leads in-house.

Today, there are companies built to help solar installers with all methods of lead generation.

Some solar lead generation companies focus exclusively on aiding with the process of generating leads in-house. Basically, these companies (think, marketing agencies and property search platforms) enable others to find more leads on their own.

Other companies invest in research themselves to identify and compile lists of properties and property owners, simply allowing solar companies to purchase those leads directly.

Here are a few companies that fall into each category.

Companies that Help You Generate Solar Leads

With the help of marketing companies or lead generation companies like Reonomy, solar installers can easily find new business in any U.S. market.

Reonomy Solar Leads

One way to generate commercial solar leads on-demand is by diving into Reonomy’s lead gen platform.

The platform is tailored to solar installers to help identify leads based on property type, the size of a property (and its corresponding buildings), while also allowing access to property owner details and contact information.

With Reonomy, you can build a custom lead list of property owners based on your ideal scope of work, then easily export that list.

You can search for properties based on a bevy of property type and building characteristic filters, then dive into each property individually to analyze with a bit more detail.

An exported list will include the contact information of property owners, enabling you to reach out directly to decision makers of highly targeted prospect properties.


Start Connecting with Property Owners


Solar Marketing Companies

Simple Tree

Simple Tree is a digital marketing agency focused on helping commercial solar installers generate new leads. Simple Tree helps commercial solar installers build out a marketing platforms that can then be run in-house rather than outsourced to a marketing agency indefinitely.

The Simple Tree Commercial Solar Leads System has a multi-pronged approach to finding new solar leads. The company assists solar installers with their SEO, making sure the client’s website ranks at the top of the list when searched for online.

SimpleTree Solar Lead Generation Company

The next prong focuses on targeted advertising, such as Facebook ads. The company also uses LinkedIn to identify lists of industry-specific decisionmakers that solar installers can target in their specific geography (e.g., charter schools or hospitals within a 50-mile radius of a specific zip code).

Simple Tree helps solar installers build out case studies to profile their success stories within that target geography to catch potential customers’ attention.

Finally, Simple Tree uses modern day cold calling (a/k/a “cold emailing”) to share company information with targeted buyers.

Simple Tree uses a methodical approach to each of these marketing strategies. For instance, the company creates market segments and develops personas for each.

“It’s cliché but it’s a critical exercise often overlooked or rushed through by solar firms,” the company notes. These personas help solar installers better target potential customers to maximize the value of their marketing dollars.


EnergySage acts like a clearing house of leads for commercial solar installers. The company recruits potential solar customers and collects their critical information, like property and electric bill details.

Solar installers who work with EnergySage are then alerted when a new customer enters the marketplace. Solar installers can submit bids on the project in order to compete for business.

EnergySage Solar Lead Generation

One of the benefits of working with a solar marketing company like EnergySage is that the leads come pre-vetted.

EnergySage only puts out the lead once it’s clear that the customer is serious about investing in solar.

This leads to significantly faster sales conversions versus trying to vet each individual lead in-house.

They do most of the up-front work, reaching out to potential customers through their educational content, targeted advertising and high-profile partnerships with corporations, nonprofits, utility companies and government agencies.

All that’s left for the commercial solar installer to do is bid on the project!

Aurora Solar

Aurora Solar is a solar marketing company that provides software for installers looking to generate leads in-house.

Aurora Solar Lead Generation

The software allows customers to do remote site analyses based on target demographics. Once leads have been identified, Aurora Solar allows users to generate custom solar reports to determine the likelihood of conversion.

This allows commercial solar installers to generate high-quality proposals for potential customers in minutes.

Companies that Sell Solar Leads

An alternative approach to generating commercial solar leads is to just straight out buy solar leads for sale. Several companies offer this service, though the services vary.

There are generally two types of solar leads for sale: general solar leads and exclusive solar leads.

General Solar Leads

General solar leads are those that have been mined by solar lead generation companies and then are sold to a broad customer base.

Lists of general solar leads can be valuable in their sheer size and scale, and are a good starting point for commercial solar installers, but they’re just that – a starting point.

These leads have not necessarily been fully vetted, which is important for commercial solar installers to keep in mind before they buy lists of general solar leads.


LeadGenius provides general solar leads for its customers. One of the ways its research team finds leads is by using Google Earth to identify commercial structures in any given city with at least 600 feet of Southern exposure.

LeadGenius Solar Lead Generation

Another team then mines the contact data for each of these buildings, including owner and property manager information for each building location.

LeadGenius explains that this provides leads based on multiple data points, all of which are relevant specifically to commercial solar installers. These data points include demographics, firmographics, buying signals and contact information.

“Firmographics” refer to the company’s annual revenue, capital events, market share, employee count and growth rate.

Buying signals are data points that hint at the prospect’s receptiveness to a specific product or service, such as a recent change in property ownership—which is an important buying signal for solar.

LeadGenius uses these data points to compile lists of general solar leads for commercial solar installers.

Solar Lead Factory

Solar Lead Factory uses state-of-the-art marketing and technology to target potential solar customers and then builds high-quality lists of commercial solar leads for installation companies to purchase.

Solar Lead Factory Solar Lead Generation

Solar Lead Factory offers both exclusive and non-exclusive options, depending on the types of leads a commercial solar installer is looking to generate.

Exclusive Solar Leads

One of the biggest gripes with solar leads for sale is that the leads are often sold to hundreds of commercial solar companies. This dilutes the value of that lead.

This is particularly true when you haven’t had a chance to build a relationship with the prospective buyer.

It also points to the value of being able to search for leads off-market.

Here are a few companies that offer exclusive solar leads:

Connexion Solutions

Connexion Solutions offers a two-pronged approach to generating commercial solar leads. The strategy begins with providing very hands-on assistance to commercial solar installers.

They provide a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes assistance with all advertising, marketing, social media and SEO. To bolster this marketing strategy, the company also provides exclusive solar leads to its clients.

Connexion Solutions Solar Lead Generation

They have a no-risk, pay-per-lead program in which solar installers ONLY pay for live leads that are sent directly to their telephone or email. Each lead is exclusive to that client.

This allows the solar company to build a personal relationship with the lead, leading to a greater likelihood that the lead converts to a sale.

Connexion Solutions has a “100% Lead Guarantee” – if the original lead is a dud, the company will refund the solar installer in full.


CraftJack is another solar lead generation company that has curated nearly one million solar leads for industry professionals. All leads are phone-verified and screened in advance for quality.

CraftJack Solar Lead Generation

A dedicated account manager is assigned to each professional to ascertain whether a lead is a good fit for that solar installation company.

These solar leads aren’t 100% exclusive – the leads are sold to up to four commercial installation companies – but they are distributed on a limited basis. This provides a smaller pool of competition compared to solar leads that are sold to the wider marketplace.

Determining Which Solar Lead Generation Strategy is Best For You

When trying to generate new commercial solar leads, it can be difficult to navigate the various strategies.

How do you know which marketing approach is best for you?

A good starting point is to step back and evaluate your team’s resources. Do you have the capacity to bring marketing in-house? How consistent will your team be if this is the route you take?

If you want to be effective in generating solar leads in-house, it’s worth hiring someone specifically for that role—someone who knows the ins and outs of how to utilize social media, paid media, earned media and other tools effectively.

Otherwise, in-house marketing may fall by the wayside as team members get pulled into other aspects of the business.

For companies who don’t have the in-house capacity, working with a solar lead generation company may be worthwhile.

These companies take the guesswork out of marketing and provide consistency when trying to generate and convert new commercial solar leads.

This allows your team to focus on what matters most: interacting with property owners and installing commercial solar for them!


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