When searching for commercial real estate for sale, investors have many asset classes to choose from.

Despite the seemingly faltering times of retail real estate, storefront property still holds some of its long-standing value, given its unique visibility and usual access to foot traffic.

Storefront Property for Sale

In this article we will cover how best to find storefront property for sale, including a review of some of the best listings databases for this type of search, and examples of how to perform a search for storefront property on a few specific sites.

In this article, we’ll cover ho to best find storefront property for sale, including a review of some of the best listings databases

Why Invest in Storefront Property?

Whether you run your own business out of a property or lease the property out to tenants, owing a business property that is visible from the street can be highly advantageous.

With public visibility, the potential for creative window displays and the capability of displaying window advertising, storefront properties are good for many types of business.

Storefront Property

The same characteristics that make storefront property appealing to those looking to purchase the property for their own business use also make these locations appealing to business owners interested in renting commercial space.

Commercial storefront properties generally lease well throughout the country, particularly in cities.

Leasing out a storefront property can be an excellent source of steady income for the commercial real estate investor.

If you choose to purchase storefront property with the goal of renting it out, you will be pleased to find that most tenants have a vested interest in maintaining and even improving the storefront, as this benefits their business.

Searching for Storefront Property for Sale

When you’re looking for storefront property for sale, there are certain property characteristics you’ll want to search for that might not apply to other types of commercial real estate searches.

You’ll want to look for properties with ample parking space for both employees and customers.

You’ll also want to consider accessibility of the property itself – how close is the parking, is it located in a high traffic area, are there stairs to navigate, etc.

Visibility is another characteristic to consider, both visibility of the property itself, and of any advertising space (windows, signs, marquees).

Street Image

Choosing the best listings platforms to use when searching for storefront property for sale is complicated by the fact that there are so many sub-sets of the retail asset class (as well as some other asset classes) that can include storefront property listings.

These can include mixed use spaces, spaces for restaurants, bars, night clubs, convenience stores, department stores, laundromats and much, much more.

You can search listings platforms by location, price, property size, asset class and sub-set, age of the property and more, depending on the platform.

Here we’ll cover some of the most popular listings platforms to help you determine which might best assist you in your search for storefront property.

When considering your options, you should take into account the data each platform provides, ease of use and the cost, if any, associated with its use.

We’ll review a variety of commercial platforms as well as for sale by owner and residential platforms that carry storefront listings.

LoopNet Storefront Property

LoopNet Website Menu Bar

With over 500,000 nationwide commercial property listings, LoopNet is always an excellent place to begin a commercial real estate search.

LoopNet offers a clean, modern interface and exceptional advanced search capabilities.

For those looking for storefront property for sale, LoopNet provides the ability to filter retail listings by storefront, storefront/commercial and storefront/residential.

There are also a number of ways to filter searches by location as well as filters for price, building size, lot size, year built, keyword and property status

LoopNet Storefront Property Search Filters

Catylist Storefront Property

Catylist provides a searchable database of commercial properties in over 50 markets nation-wide.

Catylist Storefront Property for Sale Search

They also offer account-based property tracking and research services.

Pro Tools include property aerial views, traffic counts for intersections near the target property, FEMA flood risk maps, current and projected demographics for the property area and more.

You can search Catylist’s Commercial Exchange database for properties by city and state, or without entering a specific location.

Although you can’t specifically filter search results for storefront properties, you can filter results for all retail properties, or any of a large variety of specific types of retail property or building.

Choices include strip center, neighborhood center, outlet center, freestanding, restaurant, day care, gas station and more.

Other asset type filters include office and specialty properties (and their sub-types).

CREXi Storefront Property

CREXi Storefront Property for Sale Search

CREXi is a newer real estate marketplace and technology platform and it is active and fast-growing. CREXi offers listings for sale or lease as well as “Market Intelligence” for almost 50 major metro markets.

Search results can be filtered by location, price, cap rate, square footage, keyword, tenancy status and more.

Although CREXi doesn’t offer property sub-types filters, you can search by asset class, including retail, office, mixed use, special purpose and other.

Brevitas Storefront Property

Brevitas offers commercial real estate listings in over 60 countries. With Brevitas, you can search postings, post wants and receive custom search alerts for free.

Paid monthly plans allow you to access off market listings exclusive to Brevitas, create saved listings folders and utilize premium search features.

Zillow Storefront Property

Zillow Storefront Property for Sale Search

With more listings than any other platform, Zillow can be a good place to search for commercial real estate for sale, despite the fact that it is primarily a residential listings platform.

Zillow’s search filters include a keyword search that can be used to search the database for terms like “retail,” “storefront” and “mixed-use.”

There are also filters that will allow you to narrow properties down by number of parking spots, square footage, lot size, year built, number of stories, and amenities like air conditioning and waterfront location.

Zillow Property for Sale Search Filters

Zillow’s database also contains many properties for sale by owner.

Purchasing FSBO properties can be an excellent strategy, saving you money (no agent or brokerage fees) and time (deal directly with the primary decision maker).

Buildings By Owner Storefront Property

If you like the idea of purchasing FSBO storefront properties, Buildings By Owner bills themselves as “the only marketplace exclusively for buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate by owner.”

They offer commercial real estate listings for sale by owner throughout the United States and Canada.

Buildings By Owner Property for Sale Search

Buildings By Owner searches can be performed for all properties within the database or filtered by location, property type (including office, retail and special purpose), price range, building size and keyword.

Storefront Property for Sale Example Searches

Below we provide step-by-step instructions for searching LoopNet for storefront property for sale in San Francisco and for searching Brevitas for storefront property for sale in Miami.

You can use these same steps to search LoopNet and Brevitas for storefront property for sale in your target area.

LoopNet Search for Storefront Property for Sale in San Francisco

To search for storefront property for sale in San Francisco using LoopNet, start by entering San Francisco, CA in the search box on the LoopNet home page.

LoopNet Homepage Screenshot

Click More Filters on the site’s upper navigation bar. This will bring up LoopNet’s advanced search feature.

LoopNet Property for Sale Search Filters

From the Property Types & Sub-types box, click the drop-down arrow next to Retail. Select Storefront. Then select any other search criteria you desire and click the red Search button in the lower left corner.

LoopNet Advanced Search Storefront Property for Sale

This will bring you to the search results page. Your results will be displayed on an interactive map, and in list form, with large pictures and some property details displayed directly on the search page.

LoopNet San Francisco Storefront Property for Sale Search

To see more pictures and property details, click on the specific listing you’re interested in.

You can also choose to save your search by clicking on the Save Search button in the upper right-hand corner of the search results page.

Brevitas Search for Storefront Property for Sale in Miami

Beginning on the Brevitas home page, enter Miami, FL in the search box.

Brevitas Homepage Screenshot

On the results page, click the Filters drop-down menu.

Brevitas Search Filters

You can select from a variety of property types, including mixed use, office, retail and special purpose. You can also select sub-types for each of these asset classes.

Brevitas Property for Sale Search Filters

Additional search filters include price, cap rate, building size, key word and lease type.

A Brevitas search for retail spaces for sale in Miami nets dozens of listings, displayed by map and in list form.

As with LoopNet, clicking on a specific property listing will bring you to a page with more pictures and property details.

Brevitas Storefront Property for Sale Search Results

These examples above provide you with very specific information for using two platforms to search for storefront property for sale.

They also give you an idea of how you might approach a similar search on other listings platforms.

All of the listings platforms we covered in this article are excellent tools for finding storefront property for sale.

We hope that this guide will help you choose the tools that will prove most useful to you in your search for storefront investment property.

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