The CRE tech industry is wild. With so many new products and startups it’s difficult to keep it all straight.

A few leaders have accepted the challenge of following this industry and have created blogs that are so educational, so current — you’d be lost in the CRE tech world without them.

Here’s the top 3 we monitor daily.

Top 3 CRE Tech Blogs

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CRE Tech

CRE Tech posts daily articles that cover the latest and greatest CRE tech news. The blog covers tech tools, startups, crowdfunding, conferences and more.

Why you will love it: CRE Tech posts more about startups and product launches than any other news source. If you want to know who the new players are in the market, this is your source.

Duke Long

Duke Long’s blog is the hub of CRE tech.

You’ll find interesting guest posts, product reviews and insight into the world of commercial real estate. Follow Duke’s blog as he meets and writes about the people behind the latest and most innovative CRE tech products.

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Why you will love it: Duke has a great authenticity to his writing and truly does have his hand on the pulse of the industry. You will gain incredible insight and be entertained when reading his blog.

CRE Outsider

Chris Clark, the author behind CRE Outsider, works as a consultant for a brokerage in upstate New York. Along the way she has gained immense knowledge on CRE tech topics which she shares with her readers.

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Why you will love it: Her blog provides usable tips, not just news. Check out the tech guides for CRE tech tricks.


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