Commercial real estate brokers that know how to best put technology to work will always be more efficient, and typically more successful in their work.

Perhaps the largest impact, of course, is the use of mobile devices on a daily basis.

With that, we decided to look at the mobile apps most consistently fueling the success of CRE brokers in 2020.

Commercial Real Estate is Going Digital

The sheer vastness of the commercial real estate sector has contributed largely to the wave of innovation and investment within the industry’s technology space.

More than $16 billion in venture capital flowed into real estate-related startups in 2019 alone (including yours truly).

A big part of that investment is in companies with powerful mobile apps, so we thought we’d look at the best.

What exactly are CRE’s top brokers using to win new listings and close more deals?

Top Apps for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

It’s a common misconception that only young CRE brokers utilize apps to grow their business.

Some apps have very discrete functions that appeal to those looking to get organized. Other apps allow brokers to complete leasing transactions from end-to-end.

Whatever the case, there’s a suite of apps for any broker—novice or veteran.

Below is a list of the best CRE apps and the most pertinent features offered by each.


Scannable is a product by Evernote (see below) that is a must for CRE brokers and other industry professionals.

This app allows you to scan contracts, receipts, business cards and any other paper and documentation that comes your way. Brokers can easily save or share documents instantly.

Scannable App for Commercial Real Estate

Simply point your mobile phone at the documents, expense receipts or whiteboards Scannable will instantly capture them, crop and rotate them, scan them and save them.

Choose whether to save as PDF or JPG and then easily send the documents to colleagues, clients, closing attorneys and others as needed.

Scannable makes it particularly easy to keep, log and track the business cards brokers tend to collect at networking events (and then often misplace!).

Scannable also makes it easier to file expense reports, which as any broker knows, can quickly add up – so no more procrastinating, use Scannable to get those expense reports in!

Any CRE broker knows how difficult it can be to schedule meetings. Coordinating calendars can be a bear!

Instead, use to streamline the scheduling process. This mobile app will ask each meeting participant to entire their email address.

That email address, if linked to a calendar like Outline or Google Calendars, will then be analyzed by Using artificial intelligence, will then automatically coordinate the best time for your group to meet.

No more back and forth emails trying to find a time that works for everyone!


VTS is consistently ranked one of the commercial real estate industry’s best apps. VTS is one of the leading leasing management platforms.

The mobile app puts all of a broker’s leasing data at their fingertips in real time.

VTS App for Commercial Real Estate

Major features include: the ability to log deals on the go, dynamic stacking pans, a real-time deal pipeline, a real-time deal activity feed, and portfolio management analytics.


There’s a reason why DocuSign is rated 4.9 starts on Apple’s marketplace. DocuSign is a critically important tool for CRE brokers and their industry peers.

It allows them to electronically sign and send documents, thereby creating a better experience for clients. DocuSign allows users to complete contracts, NDAs, financial agreements, approvals, leases, and other agreements in minutes from almost anywhere.

DocuSign is a must for CRE brokers who often need to submit timely offers and other contracts, often on the fly.

The completed document can then be sent to anyone via email, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, Google Drive and more. The mobile app supports PDF, Word, Excel, Images, Text and more.


Some commercial real estate brokers will only use one or two mobile apps. Those who limit their mobile apps will almost always keep Evernote in the mix.

Evernote has the capacity of several apps listed here today.

Evernote App for Commercial Real Estate

You can use it to take notes, record audio clips, snap photos, scan documents (see Scannable above), share notes, make presentations and more.

Add to-do lists, photos, web pages – any content you can think of – and then it’s all easily searchable. Users can organize notes any way they want and share these notes with others.

What’s more, Evernote automatically syncs across all devices (desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad and more) so your information is with you, wherever you go. And best yet, it’s free!


PropertyShark is another valuable mobile app for CRE brokers, appraisers, investors and more.

It allows users to quickly find any property of interest just by entering its address in the search field.

Call upon property data such as the property’s characteristics, sales history, ownership details, permits, title history, taxes, zoning and more.


DealCheck makes it easy to analyze BRRRR properties, including looking up sales and rental comps, creating marketing reports and comparing deals side-by-side.

Quickly import property data from public records or enter it through a step-by-step deal wizard.

The app will calculate a complete analysis of the deal, including estimated closing costs, mortgage payment, cash flow, ROI, profit and more.

DealCheck is one of the easiest ways to compare properties on the go and is currently utilized by more than 100,000 CRE professionals nationwide.


Ten-X has a mobile app that helps CRE brokers gain a competitive edge with the many features the app provides, including premium end-to-end transaction tools for brokers.

Brokers can monitory activity on all of their deals from a single dashboard. They can reach buyers fast and follow-up with strong leads while on the go.

They can also host property tours easily with robust geolocation capabilities.

Ten-x Mobile App for Commercial real Estate

Ten-X’s mobile app is also useful to a broker’s buyers and sellers. Buyers can filter through property results quickly and easily to identify properties they’d like their broker to show them.

They can even submit bids directly from the mobile app.

Sellers can just as easily list commercial property on Ten-X’s mobile app. They’ll get activity alerts for their assets with real-time push notifications.

Ten-X allows them to track performance of their listed asset from a single dashboard – valuable information that can then be shared with their CRE broker.

Ten-X’s mobile app can be utilized for showing any kind of CRE property, including hotel, retail, industrial, office, multifamily, net lease, land and other assets located in every corner of the U.S.


QuantumListing is a powerful CRE listing app that allows brokers to post, search and share commercial real estate listings.

All listings are crowdsourced and made accessible to other users without a paid membership. Anyone can search listings nationwide for free.

A Premium Membership unlocks additional details about these listings. Premium Membership starts at just $9.99 per month (or $24.99 for three months).

With a Premium Membership, users can share their listings directly to their social media accounts and personal website(s) at no additional cost – providing greater reach for agents looking to share information about their listings.

Yardi Deal Manager

Yardi Deal Manager is a companion app for those who are registered users of the Yardi platform.

The Yardi Deal Manager app allows brokers to shorted their leasing cycle with the tools providing in the app.

For example, a flexible messaging and approval workflow system allows brokers and asset managers to centralize conversations and tasks at the deal or property level.

With a direct connection to your Yardi Voyager system, Deal Manager provides up-to-date availability information and stacking plans for your leasing team, while also sending deal data directly back to Voyager.


Dealpath is one of the CRE industry’s leading cloud-based deal management platforms.

Investment and development firms leverage Dealpath as their command center for smart pipeline tracking, powerful deal analytics, and collaborative workflows.

Dealpath Mobile App for Commercial Real Estate

Dealpath has been used to support more than $3 trillion in global transactions with some of the world’s leading institutions.

Key app features include: real-time pipeline tracking and deal overviews; file management including dynamic photo uploads; and collaborative workflows with intuitive task comments and file uploads.


CREDiligent is an app for CRE brokers, investors and others interested in purchasing commercial property. The app assists with tracking the due diligence process prior to sale.

Users start by adding a deal to the app, then click the “+” symbol to enter the deal info, enter related contacts and then start swiping away.

Each swipe will include recommended due diligence based on the type of the deal. You can even add your own custom due diligence tasks. Once each task is completed, simply check it off as done.

Reports can easily be printed that show the status of due diligence items, such as mortgage commitment or deposits due. CREDiligent is yet another free app for CRE brokers.

ClientLook CRM

ClientLook CRM is one of the best commercial real estate apps for those looking to better record, track and manage their relationships with existing and potential customers.

ClientLook’s CRM app is utilized by CRE brokers, investors, owners and more. It combines contact tracking, pipeline management, and a client collaboration portal with property and listing management.

It is the only all-in-one CRM system designed specifically for CRE brokers that is available via mobile app.

ClientLook Mobile App for Commercial Real Estate

CRE brokers can use ClientLook CRM for things like sending clients a traditional market report or they can get more sophisticated by creating a fully-integrated, collaborative war room where team members and clients can discuss deals together in real time.

ClientLook also allows users to track deals in their pipeline. Every deal-related email update, meeting and offer is logged in ClientLook.

This allows CRE brokers to monitory every stage of their transactions and track deals still maturing in the pipeline.

ClientLook also includes a free team of Virtual Assistants that are standing by to provide help with data entry, online lead capture, and even listing administration, taking these burdens off a broker’s hands.


CRE brokers are expected to stay up to speed on their local markets. Heck, they are expected to stay up to speed on national trends, too.

With so much commercial real estate industry news constantly flooding the web, how does one log articles they want to read but just can’t at this. very. moment.?

With so much commercial real estate industry news constantly flooding the web, how does one log articles they want to read, but can’t at the moment?

Look no further than Pocket.

With Pocket, you can save articles you come across throughout the day and then access them later offline.

This app is particularly spectacular for CRE brokers who find themselves doing a lot of air travel, where wifi access may otherwise be spotty. Articles saved to Pocket can be read offline.

And now, a recent update to Pocket allows you to have article read to you in audio format. In other words, catch up on all of these articles during your morning commute!

Pocket makes it easier than ever to catch up on industry news when it’s most convenient for you.


CRE brokers often find themselves pulled in many directions, each and every day.

One of the best productivity tools on the market is Harvest, a mobile app utilized by CRE brokers who want to better understand where their time goes each day.

Use Harvest to time specific tasks. Use this time entry to automatically bill clients, as needed. View time entries to analyze how your time is spent one day relative to others.

Time can be tracked whether you’re connected to the internet or not.

Harvest can also be used by CRE teams. Administrators can view teammates’ times in real-time to monitor their productivity.

If a particular task seems to be taking someone longer than average, the manager can then step in and provide assistance or coaching as needed. Harvest is one of the best tools for increasing broker productivity.

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