Wondering which cities have the hottest deal flow in 2019? We’ve got you covered.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled data on the percentage of total commercial assets sold in the ten largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the US.

Check out the graph below to see what’s hot and what’s not. Don’t feel like comparing yourself? We have 3 key takeaways below.

Takeaway 1 (HOT): Deal flow in ATL is peachy.

1.73% of all commercial assets in Atlanta have transacted since the beginning of 2019—the most out of the top 10 MSAs.

Takeaway 2 (NOT): Unlike its sports teams, Boston lags.

Only .78% of Boston’s commercial assets have transacted in 2019—the lowest out of the top 10 MSAs.

Takeaway 3 (HOT):  Texas is packin’ the heat.

Texas is not only home to the largest supply of total assets in the US, but also is home to Dallas and Houston—the 4th and 5th largest MSAs by population, respectively. With over 1.2M commercial assets combined in both metro areas, the supply of potential deals is virtually limitless. So far in 2019, 1.67% of Dallas’ commercial assets have transacted, while 1.57% of Houston’s commercial properties have sold.

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