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Why Reonomy?

Reonomy’s filtered search allows you to navigate the most powerful off-market commercial database to find properties with ease.

  • Search 50+ million assets with our interactive map & find your target properties.
  • Find property owner information, including emails, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Get accurate and up-to-date data, including sales, tax, and debt details.

Search by geography and asset type

Geography can be filtered by state, city, county, MSA or by map area. Visualize search results with ease on our map.

Sort by asset type to refine your search further. Find the complete supply of specific asset-types in seconds.

Search by sales and debt history

Filter search by price and date of last sale, or search by maturity or origination date of loans.

Use specific past sale and debt criteria to target potential sellers and identify properties coming to term on loans.

Lookup details for any property

Find detailed data on ownership, sales, debt, tax and more. Export true owner names, emails and numbers for any commercial property.

Properties can be sorted and saved to labels, or starred and exported from the property details page.




Don't just take our word for it.

“Reonomy allows us to reach out to more owners of property in a shorter period of time, and has given us easier access to a significant depth of property information.”

Jakub Nowak VP of Investments, Marcus & Millichap

“It used to take up to two or three days to do the kind of searches we needed in Google. Now I can sign into Reonomy and find everything I need within 5 minutes. ”

Clayton Tadler VP Senior Commercial Lender, TD Bank