If you work in commercial real estate, you know that apartment buildings are a hot commodity.


By utilizing the following listings platforms, you can narrow down the market much faster and find the exact property you’re looking for.

Apartment Buildings Off-Market

Before jumping into the many available on-market listings platforms, one thing to consider is searching for apartment buildings off-market.

Off-market property searches are more vast and customizable – nearly boundless.

You can avoid broker fees, and can avoid the competition of other buyers on the market.

There’s also much more depth with an off-market search because you’re not limited only to what is available through brokers and realtors. You can essentially search any apartment building in the United States.

Find Apartment Buildings with Reonomy

Reonomy, the market’s largest off-market CRE data platform, makes it easy to quickly find apartment buildings and their owners.

With Reonomy, you can quickly customize their search to serve up the exact apartment buildings they’re looking for. With the few clicks of a button, you can narrow down the nations entire asset stock to identify ideal apartment building opportunities and their respective owners.

Apartment Buildings For Sale Listings Platforms

Off-market property information can also be used alongside listings platforms to inform your on-market search and help fuel better investment decisions.

Below, see the best listings platforms to use when searching for apartment buildings for sale online.

Best listings platforms for finding apartment buildings for sale:


For many online users, LoopNet is the place to go when searching for almost any commercial property for sale – it’s perhaps the most extensive on-market listings platform on the web, with roughly 500,000 total listings available.

LoopNet Apartment Buildings for Sale

Apartment buildings can be found by searching within the multifamily property type on LoopNet. By adding other filters like price, building size, and other building specifics, you can narrow down your multifamily search to the apartment building of your preference.


Showcase offers on-market property listings for office, industrial, retail, multifamily, land, and other properties for sale. The platform is owned by CoStar Group, and currently lets users search across the U.S. and the U.K.

Showcase Apartment Buildings for Sale

To find apartment buildings for sale, you can start by searching for multifamily properties and choose whether you’d like to buy or lease. You can then break down your search even further by adding other specifications like building square footage, rent per square foot, and more.


Ten-X is an online commercial real estate marketplace for buyers, sellers, and brokers. On Ten-X’s platform, you must also filter your search by multifamily properties and work from there. When searching, the platform will show you “multifamily apartment buildings and complexes for sale” across the U.S.

As you will see, many platforms require you to search for multifamily properties, where you can then narrow down your search using more granular filters (price, building size, high/low-rise, etc.), to find different types of apartment buildings.


ApartmentBuildings.com is a website focused specifically on listing apartment buildings and land for sale, and can be used by either buyers or sellers. Currently, the site includes listings in all of the largest markets nationwide, including New York, California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. The platform has intentions of going completely nationwide in the near future.

You can start your search by choosing either “multifamily” or “land.” Once you’ve begun your search, ApartmentBuildings.com lets you add location filters, as well as other criteria including price range, building size, lot size, number of units, and custom keywords.

Apartmentbuildings.com Apartment Buildings for Sale

Perhaps the most unique feature available on ApartmentBuildings.com is the ability to search specifically for properties that are either distressed or in auction.


CREXi includes listings on more than a dozen property types, one of which is multifamily. While searching multifamily generates a great variety of results, the perk of using CREXi is the number of filters available when searching commercial properties for sale.

CREXi Apartment Buildings for Sale

Other than property type, CREXi lets you add filters for location, property details (price, square footage, acreage, etc.), unit measurements (units, beds, etc), custom keywords, listing timeline, lease type, tenancy (vacant, single, multi), tenant credit, listing type, listing status, and more.

To say the least, you can get very specific with your apartment building search, whether you’re looking for property for sale or for lease. Apartment buildings of all kinds can easily be found on this platform.


When using Point2Homes, you must first start by entering a location – either a city, state, or zip code. Once you search your location, you’ll enter the platform, where you can add more granular filters, including price, property type, square feet, lot size, year built, and more.

To search for an apartment building for sale in your selected location, you can add the multifamily filter to your search.

Point2Homes Apartment Buildings for Sale

Point2Homes offers listings across the entire U.S., and through a number of other markets around the globe. They also offer other professional tools for property buyers and sellers to take advantage of, such as advertising options and a search tool for finding real estate agents.


Trulia is a residential real estate listings platform for home buyers, sellers, renters, and commercial real estate professionals.

The platform includes a great deal of apartment buildings for sale, as well as other insights and trend information for home transactions. Trulia is known for its pleasant and user-friendly web interface.

Trulia Apartment Buildings for Sale


CityFeet is a New York-focused commercial real estate listings platform owned by LoopNet. While they do have nationwide listings, the primary focus of the platform is New York City.

On the site, you can search for properties for lease or sale. To find apartment buildings for sale, you can search for multifamily properties, then add filters for price, building size, and tenancy, as well as add your own keywords.

CityFeet Apartment Buildings for Sale


Realtor.com is a real estate listings platform for home owners, sellers, renters, and those that may be refinancing their mortgage. Aside from property listings, the site includes new mortgage and refinance rates through sites like Quicken Loans, and offers the ability to search for home realtors and real estate agents throughout the country.

Realtor Apartment Buildings for Sale

While Realtor.com does have nationwide listings, they too have a heavy focus on New York City, offering separate filters for NYC-only searches. Realtor.com allows you to search for houses, mobile homes, multifamily homes, farm ranches, and land for sale.

To find apartment buildings for sale in your desired market, simply add the multifamily property type filter and proceed from there.

Getting the Full-Scope

While most of these platforms do not let you search directly for apartment buildings for sale, they all include the extra filters and add-ons you need to search for multifamily homes with plenty of granularity.

To gain a true and full understanding of your desired market, however, any of these platforms, if used, should be paired with off-market data to maximize the potential of your property search, and the potential of your property investment.

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