Find owner contact information on commercial properties in seconds with Reonomy TrueOwner:

Once you have identified and analyzed a property of interest on Reonomy, you can begin the process of owner outreach. To connect with the owner of a property, however, you’ll need to find the contact information of that owner.

Reonomy’s contact information includes the phone numbers, email, and mailing addresses of property owners. With that, plus other contact information features available on the platform, you can know exactly who you need to connect with, and exactly how to do so.

To make sure that you’re capitalizing on Reonomy’s property owner contact information, we’re going to show you:

How to find the reported owner of a property
How to find full ownership contact information (on all associated contacts)
How to interpret ownership contact icons
How to unlock contact information in bulk
How to export contact information

Reonomy Owner Search

How to find the reported owner of a property:

To find ownership contact information, you must first find the actual owner of a property. Upon entering the profile page of any property, click into the Ownership tab. There, you will be able to see the reported owner or owning entity of the property.

Property reported owner

How to find full ownership contact information (on all associated contacts):

To get full contact information on a property, from the Ownership tab, simply click “Get Contact Information.” This will unlock the full-scope view of property ownership.

Reonomy Get Contact Information

This page gives you a much more in-depth look at ownership, giving you information that goes well-beyond who the reported owner is. This is where you’ll find full ownership contact information.

On this page, you can see if and what LLC owns the property, the people behind that LLC, and the contact information for each of those people, as well the contact information for the owning entity itself.

You can also see other information such as an LLC’s associated mailing address, their number of employees, their sales volume, the year their business was founded, and the type of location they run their LLC from.

How to interpret ownership contact icons:

When looking at the contact information for a property, the most important part is often knowing exactly who you should be contacting. The right contact information will never be put to good use if you’re not reaching out to the right people.

For this, Reonomy uses different icons to represent the likelihood that a contact is, in fact, directly involved with the property at-hand.

Upon clicking the “Get Contact Information” button, you may be presented with a lengthy list of contacts associated with the property. Icons help you decipher who you should be contacting.

You’ll see that there are both green and grey contact icons:

Reonomy Green Contact Icon

Green icons represent the most trusted ownership details associated with the property. Often times, contacts with a green icon will be the ones most directly involved with the property – these are likely the most useful contacts.

Reonomy Grey Contact Icon

Grey icons represent good additional sources of ownership contact information that you can also use to explore ownership portfolios, or if you are unable to get in touch with the likely primary property owners.

You can also see ownership structure, such as a holding company that owns the LLC behind a property. These contacts are nested, so that you can see the flow of ownership, and who to contact at each level.

Reonomy Ownership Structure

How to unlock contact information in bulk:

In some cases, you may want to gather the contact information on many properties at the same time. This can be done through Reonomy’s bulk contact unlock feature, available on the property search page.

Once you have conducted a search, and have a list of properties of interest, click the More tab on the top of the page. Here, you’ll see an option to “Get Contacts.”

By clicking this, you’ll have the option to decide how many properties from your list you’d like to unlock contact information on, with the ability to pull as many as 250 at once.

Contact Information in Bulk

Once you type in the number of properties you’d like to gather contact information for and click “Get Contacts,” Reonomy will automatically unlock the contact information for those properties, so you don’t have to individually click into each and every property profile page.

How to export contact information:

Also from the property search page, you can export full lists of property information, which can include full ownership contact information.

To export property information plus contact information in bulk, click the Export button on the property search page. In the dropdown, you’ll be able to select/deselect two options. One option is to get the contact information on all properties in your export. The other allows you to only export properties from your list that do have contact information available for them.

Export Contact List

Select the number of properties you’d like to export, along with these two selections, and you can export full lists of properties and their ownership contact information.

Reonomy will not only allow you to find your most desired properties, but will also allow you to identify the people and contact information you need to turn those properties into opportunities.

Reonomy Owner Search

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