Connecting properties, companies, and people.

Searching by properties, companies, or people on the Reonomy platform

High velocity discovery

  • Pinpoint opportunities in a few clicks: Our data engine allows you to search nationally by property type, size, number of units, sale date, mortgage maturity date, and many other criteria to identify your target market.
  • Visualize search results with ease on our map. Refine your search further using advanced map based features, including polygon & radius search.
  • Identify owner portfolios by performing an owner search. Our data engine will search across millions of properties in a matter of seconds.
  • Canvass our digital parcel map to search a neighborhood parcel-by-parcel.
  • Track lender activity by searching across our entire database of loans.

Connect with real estate data

  • Data such as tax assessor files and digital parcel shapes collected from over 3,000 counties nationally provide 99% coverage of commercial properties across the United States.
  • Our work with private data partners and local land record departments allows us to track key events related to chain of title (including the sales and mortgage history of every property). We track 8m mortgages and 20m sales to date.
  • Our database of business entities spans 100m+ companies and 150m+ people, which gives us an unprecedented understanding of the CRE lending and ownership landscape. Our business entity database is comprised of public data sets in addition to proprietary data sets sourced from private data partners.

Connect with real estate owners

  • Our data engine pierces the LLC (and any other business entity) in order to identify the true owner with correct contact information.
  • Our algorithms follow the digital breadcrumbs to move between surface level ownership to the right parent companies and key decision makers.

Organization tools

  • Stay organized and prioritize the highest value opportunities with our suite of workflow features.
  • Label properties to quickly organize and retrieve your opportunities. Dynamically filter your opportunities using your own system of labels.
  • Notes allows you to memorialize important conversations with market participants, or record important findings from a site visit.