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The sites you should use to find apartment buildings for sale

Between off-market tools and sales listings, finding apartments for sale is easier than ever.

It’s no secret that apartment buildings are and have always been a hot commodity for those buying commercial real estate. Even in this uncertain market, apartment buildings and other multifamily real estate continue to outperform other asset types. Apartment buildings offer more consistent income compared to many other asset classes. No matter how other property types perform, people always need somewhere to live. Therefore, apartments continue to be a solid investment year over year.

However, not all apartment buildings are alike. Finding the right property for your portfolio, in the right area, for the right price can make all the difference between a mildly profitable investment and a life-changing investment.

Here, we’ll look at the sites you should use to find apartment buildings for sale. We examine property intelligence platforms like Reonomy as well as other commercial listings platforms across the country.

Finding off-market sellers with property intelligence

Before you search the multitude of listings platforms we mention below, consider searching for off-market properties first. Off-market properties – assets that are not currently for sale or listed on the MLS – can be an excellent way to acquire property at a reasonable price, without facing competition from other buyers. Plus, you can often avoid costly broker fees. Off-market property searches are more vast and customizable—nearly boundless, in fact.

There’s much more depth with an off-market search. You can essentially search any apartment building in the United States, and thanks to the property intelligence technology, quickly analyze whether that property is likely to sell.

Find off-market apartment buildings with Reonomy

With Reonomy property intelligence, you can narrow down the nation’s entire asset stock with just a few clicks. Using Reonomy’s filtering tools, you can identify apartment buildings that meet your investment criteria. Search multifamily properties by size, age, type, and see only those that have certain sales and debt histories. Then, once you have identified the properties you want to pursue, use the contact information to reach out to the owner directly and make an offer.

It really is that easy.

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Get started with Reonomy

Our Reonomy web app is powered by AI technology to help you access property owner information, property records, company data, and successfully close on commercial real estate deals.

Finding apartment buildings for sale with on-market listings sites

If you want to pursue apartment buildings already for sale, you have nearly endless options for on-marketing listings platforms. Here, we are highlighting the most popular. Most commercial real estate listings platforms will require you to choose multifamily properties first when searching. Then, to find apartment buildings specifically, you can narrow down your search using more granular filters (price, building size, high/low-rise, etc.) to hone in on different types of apartment buildings.

The best listings platforms for finding apartment buildings for sale:

  • LoopNet

  • Showcase

  • TenX


  • CREXi

  • Point2Homes

  • Trulia

  • CityFeet



For many online users, LoopNet is the gold standard when searching for almost any commercial property for sale. It’s the most extensive on-market listings platform on the web, with roughly 500,000 total listings available.

To find apartment buildings for sale on the platform, search under the multifamily property type. By adding other filters like price, building size, and other specifics, you can narrow down your multifamily search to the apartment building of your preference.


Showcase offers on-market property listings for office, industrial, retail, multifamily, land, and other properties for sale. The platform is owned by CoStar, an commercial real estate industry leader. Currently, Showcase is available to users in the US and the UK.

To find apartment buildings for sale on Showcase, start by searching for multifamily properties and choose whether you’d like to buy or lease. You can then break down your search further by adding other specifications like building square footage, rent per square foot, and more.


Ten-X is an online commercial real estate marketplace for buyers, sellers, and brokers. Currently, the platform states it powers more than 90% of all online CRE sales. The secret is Ten-X’s data-driven technology and suite of marketing tools. To find apartment buildings for sale on this platform, start by searching for multifamily properties, and narrow your results from there. Ten-X features apartment buildings and complexes for sale across the U.S. is a website focused specifically on listing apartment buildings and land for sale. Both buyers and sellers can use this platform. Currently, the site includes listings in all of the largest markets nationwide, including New York, California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

You can start your search by choosing either “multifamily” or “land.” Once you’ve begun your search, lets you add location filters, as well as other criteria including price range, building size, lot size, number of units, and custom keywords.


CREXi features listings for more than a dozen CRE asset types, including multifamily properties. While searching for multifamily properties generates a great variety of results, the perk of using CREXi is the number of filters available. Besides property type, CREXi also lets you add filters for:

  • Location

  • Property details (price, square footage, acreage, etc.)

  • Unit measurements (units, beds, etc)

  • Custom keywords

  • Listing timeline

  • Lease type

  • Tenancy (vacant, single, multi)

  • Tenant credit

  • Listing type, listing status, and more

To say the least, you can get very specific with your apartment building search, whether you’re looking for property for sale or for lease.


When using Point2Homes, you must first start by entering a location—either a city, state, or zip code. Once you enter your desired location, you can then add more granular filters, including price, property type, square feet, lot size, year built, and more. To search for an apartment building for sale in your selected location, you can add the multifamily filter to your search.

Point2Homes offers listings across the entire U.S. as well as several international markets. They also offer other professional tools for property buyers and sellers, including advertising options and a search tool for finding real estate agents.


Trulia is a residential real estate listings platform for home buyers, sellers, renters, and commercial real estate professionals. The platform includes many apartment buildings for sale, as well as other insights and trend information for home transactions. Trulia is known for its pleasant and user-friendly web interface, making it a direct competitor of real estate search giant Zillow.


CityFeet is a New York-focused commercial real estate listings platform owned by LoopNet. While they do have nationwide listings, the platform primarily focuses on New York City. On the site, you can search for properties for lease or sale. To find apartment buildings for sale, search for multifamily properties, then add filters for price, building size, and tenancy. You can search using specific keywords as well. is a real estate listings platform for homeowners, sellers, renters, and those who may be refinancing their mortgage. Aside from property listings, the site includes new mortgage and refinance rates through sites like Quicken Loans, and offers the ability to search for home realtors and real estate agents throughout the country.

While does have nationwide listings, they too have a heavy focus on New York City, offering separate filters for NYC-only searches. While is primarily known for its residential real estate searches, the website also features listings for mobile homes, multifamily homes, farm ranches, and land for sale. To find apartment buildings for sale in your desired market, simply add the multifamily property type filter and proceed from there.

Getting the full-scope in your search

While most of these platforms do not let you search directly for apartment buildings for sale, they all include the extra filters and add-ons you need to find the right investment for your portfolio. However, before you start your search, consider using Reonomy’s property intelligence technology to broaden your understanding of the desired market. Our online tools can help you identify and secure your next winning investment.

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