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Reonomy launches commercial mortgage-backed securities data enhancement

July 30, 2020

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Reonomy, a leading provider of property intelligence, today announced the launch of the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) Data Enhancement to its platform. The addition of the CMBS data set allows Reonomy users to easily find refinance opportunities, view CMBS ongoing financial and loan reporting, access increased coverage of property data points, and more.

The ability to take advantage of this feature through the robust Reonomy platform, which houses key data on the vast majority of commercial real estate (CRE) properties in the U.S., enables debt brokers and lenders to easily identify leads. The product enhancement provides data on over 150,000 properties and over 300,000 mortgages in the U.S.

The CMBS data set includes ongoing financial reporting for properties and loans, and will increase coverage of key data points such as; maturity date, interest rate, unit count, and asset type. In addition, the update will include property financials with revenues, overall expenses, NOI, NCF and DSCR, as well as base level loan information such as original balance and lender, and reporting on current balance and delinquency status. By adding the CMBS data set, Reonomy is able to improve lead sourcing for debt brokers and lenders who use data points such as this to prospect for refinance opportunities.

“As a data provider in the CRE industry, our goal is to deliver insights that are not only accurate, but also specific enough for our users to execute on,” said Bill Okun, CEO at Reonomy. “Through our CMBS data enhancement, we will make a tangible difference in how our clients in the debt broker and lender category conduct business. Our goal in the future is to continue to create this level of specificity across all of our client segments.”

The Reonomy platform combines a powerful data network of public and proprietary sources with AI technology to accurately and efficiently connect all of the crucial data points surrounding a property including transactional and ownership records. Access to this data enables investors, brokers, lenders and service providers in the CRE industry to reach better business decisions faster, in order to remain competitive in today’s changing and challenging landscape. This most recent product update will not only allow users to better identify refinancing opportunities to drive new business, but will also allow them to vet the ability of the borrower to pay their debt obligations through data on the loan performance.

Reonomy is committed to providing value to the CRE market that moves the needle for clients. In addition to this product update, Reonomy launched Reonomy Research in Q2 of 2020 which continually publishes in-depth reports on a variety of segments and verticals with the CRE industry. These reports identify crucial trends to determine the best next steps as a business, a need which is heightened given the uncertainty in the current market. Reonomy is currently determining additional areas for product expansion to benefit other core client segments such as investors and service providers to be launched in 2020 and beyond.

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