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Product launch: Reonomy for teams

The wait is over – we have officially released Reonomy for Teams!

Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work to bring you a best-in-class, collaborative solution fit for your team’s workflow.

When deciding how to best support our team-focused users, we recognized there was a need to encourage efficiency and communication within the platform and have introduced features that allow you to work better together, remove redundancies, and save time when researching properties.

Our Teams solution builds on the Reonomy Platform – so if you’re a current user, the experience will largely remain the same, but with enhanced insights and sharing capabilities.

New features and benefits

Feature: Admin control

As the account Admin, you will have better insight into your team’s platform usage, along with the flexibility to allocate seats and set permissions.

With access to your dedicated Admin page, you can view the number of ownership unlocks per user as well as view activity. The admin can also work with us to add other team members through the Team Management page.

This means that you can control how many seats your team has and if you need additional TrueOwner Unlocks – which can now be added in bulk to your Teams license!

We work with you to streamline your account sharing permissions and to ensure each seat is allocated the appropriate number of ownership unlocks and feature access.

Feature: Team alerts

With team specific tags and alerts, your team will now have a better understanding of lead ownership and progress with property owners. Alerts will keep the group up-to-date on saved properties, tagged TrueOwner unlocks and tagged notes.

You can also ensure clear lines of communication by tagging specific members of your team, which will trigger a notification directly to their inbox with property details and a link directly to the search.

Team members will be able to see unlocked owners requested by any team member, and you can see who on your team unlocked a particular property so you aren’t chasing your tail going after the same leads or duplicating efforts.

When creating a note, you can adjust shared settings to private or visible to your team. These alerts are made by each individual user, so any data you want to stay private to a single account stays private to you!

Feature: Shared notes and labels

It will now be easy for your team to discover properties, conduct research, and reach out to owners all in one platform. With shared notes and shared labels, you can conduct your prospecting efforts all in one place.

The Teams solution will ensure that your source of truth fits with your workflow and that collaboration is fully supported. We’re really excited about the new possibilities professionals will be able to achieve with enhanced collaboration, streamlining team deal discover and group research.

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Our Reonomy web app is powered by AI technology to help you access property owner information, property records, company data, and successfully close on commercial real estate deals.

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