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Reonomy launches Ownership Portfolios

January 26, 2021

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Reonomy, the leading provider of actionable CRE insights, today announced the launch of Ownership Portfolios, the first in a series of portfolio-focused offerings.

The enterprise offering is powered by Reonomy’s knowledge graph, a flexible framework that provides a holistic representation of the CRE domain. Ownership Portfolios provide users with an in-depth understanding of all assets owned by a single individual or company, including asset mix, location, debt profile, and tenant mix of the portfolios. As this information was previously difficult for stakeholders within the CRE industry to uncover, the offering enables organizations within the industry to more quickly access and leverage portfolio insights to make informed decisions.

Prior to this launch, the creation of an owner’s portfolio was a manual, labor-intensive research process, focused on only the largest owners and REITs, making it difficult for the industry to map out relationships and identify opportunities and risks. Reonomy’s knowledge graph enables comprehensive portfolio intelligence by harnessing AI to connect all information available on properties, transactions, people, and companies. Reonomy has scaled the creation of Ownership Portfolios to cover the full spectrum of investor profiles, from individuals who own a single property to large institutional investors with multibillion dollar portfolios. Organizations across CRE leverage Reonomy’s portfolio insights to solve a multitude of problems, including growing client relationships, identifying investment opportunities and local operating partners, and improving risk assessments.

This announcement comes on the heels of a number of recent product enhancements brought to market in 2020, including tailored web application experiences specific to the different client segments serviced, along with the introduction of CMBS data within Reonomy’s web application and data solutions. The launch of the Ownership Portfolios furthers Renomy’s mission to enable organizations to grow their business by uncovering actionable insights with data.

“Our knowledge graph is the next level of technology for the Reonomy platform as it allows us to peel back the layers even more to connect data points and make associations between properties, transactions, people, and companies,” said Bill Okun, CEO at Reonomy. “With this degree of insight and the new Ownership Portfolios offering, discovering and maximizing on opportunities becomes more of a science, instead of a guessing game.”

Reonomy plans to harness the knowledge graph technology to bring additional features to its web application and data solutions.

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