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Product update: Reonomy tenant data

To enhance our company data and improve search capabilities for our diverse user base, we’re proud to announce the release of our new tenant search feature.

Now, Reonomy users can search and explore over 11 million tenant records on over 4.9 million different properties with commercial tenant information, including NAICS and SIC classifications, legal business names and tenant contact information.

Why it matters

Depending on your role in the industry, how and why you leverage commercial tenant data may vary. For some professionals, like investors and developers, this information can be used to evaluate properties and compare potential investments based on the current tenant structure or vacancy rates.

Tenant representatives and leasing brokers can use this information to identify new clients and source opportunities. Similarly, service providers can use commercial tenant information to specifically target ideal clients to promote their services and land new business.

Regardless of your role, access to this information allows you to easily discover the properties that matter to you, make better-informed decisions and get in touch with the right people.

What it is

To reiterate, there are more than 4.9 million properties with associated tenant information in the Reonomy platform. This includes the following details on current tenants:

  • The legal business name, or DBA


  • SIC ID

  • Type of location (Branch, HQ or Single Location)

  • Tenant contact name and title

  • Street address and suite number

  • Estimated number of employees working at the location 

  • Year the company was founded 

  • URL of the company

  • Contact information for tenant contact 

What it isn't

Reonomy tenant data is not a rent roll, nor does it include leasing terms. It does not include any of the following:

  • Rent, either current or historically

  • Lease term and expiration

  • Lease and reimbursement type (i.e. triple net, gross, modified gross)

  • Occupancy percent of the property

  • Leasing broker

How it works

Our new Reonomy Tenant module allows you to unlock associated individual insights, like business name, owner name and contact information, directly in an individual property page. This information can be found by clicking on an individual property, then clicking on the Tenants tab.

Here, you’ll find the information on the tenant you’re looking for, as well as any other tenants that may share that address (in the case of a strip mall or mixed-use space). If this is the case, you’ll find the businesses are listed in alphabetical order.

Reonomy tenant module

No matter your profession in the real estate industry, commercial tenant information can be a helpful piece of knowledge to have on any property. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance our web application for a simpler, savvier user experience.

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