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Commercial real estate leads

How organizations are generating new business using Reonomy data.

Finding leads remains central to the success of any organization involved in the transacting or servicing of commercial real estate. Whether you’re a solar installation company, brokerage, lender, or something in between, generating new business with commercial owners comes with many intricacies. Among those intricacies is making sure your org has the right data and insights to repeatedly form quick, lucrative relationships with owners.

Throughout this page, we’ll discuss how organizations of different types use Reonomy data as a way to generate commercial real estate leads.

Commercial real estate lead generation

While different company types have widely different target audiences, it’s important to note that Reonomy data allows for any team to continue analyzing the market in the unique, in-house ways they prefer. To cover all bases, however, we’ll go through different types of commercial real estate leads, and show how different organizations are finding and analyzing their target audiences with the depth and scalability of Reonomy data.

We’ll run through examples of how our clients are finding:

  • Investor & Buyer Leads

  • Seller Leads

  • Commercial Mortgage Leads

  • Service Provider Leads (for Roofers, Contractors, Solar, and more)

Whether your org members use the Reonomy platform, or you’re serving Reonomy data through your own platform, there are many ways to identify and learn about your prospects. Through a combination of property, transaction, and owner-specific data points, your team will be able to learn about prospects on a very granular level, or analyze entire portfolios from a high level. We’ll show you how in more detail below.

Finding commercial investor & buyer leads

By finding owners based on their asset type and size, and date and amount of transaction, CRE companies can identify who the buyers might be in any particular market. For example, searching for recent buyers and sellers is a good indicator of who is active in the market with potential cash on-hand.

Finding real estate seller leads

Seller leads can easily be found on Reonomy with the help of sales history filters or debt filters. Since Reonomy is an off-market platform, property sales data is what will point you in the direction of sellers—i.e. those that haven’t sold in a long period of time.

Finding Buyer and Seller Leads with Sales History Filters:

Sales data allows you to identify property owners who have recently sold a purchased commercial property. The following sales filters can be applied in any prospect search:

  • Sale date

  • Sales price

  • Likelihood to sell

  • Whether or not previous sales were multi-parcel or not

Targeting recent buyers and sellers is also very valuable for service providers looking to connect with owners.

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Finding commercial mortgage leads

Commercial lenders, banks, and brokerages looking for mortgage and refinance leads can use Reonomy to see the debt profile of a property and its lenders, as well.

Finding Commercial Mortgage Leads with Debt History Filters:

  • Debt data allow for the generation of lead lists of property owners who have signals of distress or an upcoming maturity date.

The following debt filters can be applied for targeting lending leads:

  • The most recent mortgage amount

  • Origination date

  • Maturity date

  • Lender name

  • Whether current or historical loans were CMBS

Filtering leads by debt characteristics can serve several benefits:

  • Debt brokers looking for refinancing opportunities.

  • Loan originators looking across an owner’s entire debt profile for future lending opportunities.

  • Sales brokers searching for potential listings.

  • Investors looking for off-market opportunities.

You can also get crafty to understand more nuanced information about the borrower and lender on any commercial property:

  • Filter by the lender, target a specific lender to know their offered rates.

  • Filter by debt origination date to know what rates were offered by the lender during that period.

  • Filter by maturity date to determine at which exact interest rate the owner locked into.

Finding service provider leads

Different types of service provider leads include:

  • Construction Leads

  • Commercial Cleaning Leads

  • HVAC Leads

  • Solar Leads

  • Roofing Leads

  • Commercial Insurance Leads

Leads list for building service providers

Building service providers use lead lists to promote and sell services to relevant prospects. A strong owner lead list is tailored to the focus of that service provider.

  • An owner lead list for solar energy installers could focus on owners that own properties that are in areas where it is difficult to get grid power.

  • A property owner lead list for commercial roofers could target prospects that own properties that haven’t been renovated in a number of years, or own a building of a certain size.

  • An ownership list for window cleaning companies could target owners that own buildings of a certain number of stories.

All of this is to show the very beginning of how entire organizations find new business with Reonomy data. Companies and their use cases vary quite a bit. To understand a bit more about how CRE organizations are using Reonomy to grow their businesses, continue on to our Playbook for CRE Business Development.

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