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Reonomy’s new partnership with CBRE signals the start of an exciting new chapter

February 13, 2019

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This week, we announced the addition of CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate and investment firm, to the Reonomy platform. Now, CBRE will leverage our data solutions to enhance their internal data infrastructure, specifically our resolution technology and integrations for better data enablement. You can learn more about our data solutions here.

Bringing CBRE on to the Reonomy platform is an exciting opportunity, and we’re thrilled to partner with a world-class organization of their stature. What we’ve learned from this process has been second-to-none; it’s been a rigorous journey from start to finish, but signing them validates our data solutions and our mission to become a best-in-class Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) partner.   

Most people in the industry are familiar with our prospecting tool, which is great, but the stakes are increasing as the industry evolves. From working with enterprise organizations, we know companies are looking for a long-term data partner to help to build their source of truth. They can’t afford to have disparate, duplicated datasets—they need connected, structured data to unlock better insights and opportunities as they scale and grow. Our data solutions do all of that, and CBRE’s decision to partner with us is a testament to our mission of challenging, advancing and increasing transparency in CRE to become a preferred data provider.

Changing the game in enterprise data enablement

After a year of quality assurance and piloting our products, CBRE joins our network of global commercial real estate leaders who leverage our robust set of data solutions for better data enablement. Given their size, CBRE has a vast array of fragmented, siloed information coming from various sources at any given moment. What they, and other similar companies, often need is a way to surface it all—people, property and company data included—for better entity resolution.

That’s where our data solutions come into play. Our services connect a company’s world of robust real estate data to unleash better insights. We realized the commercial real estate community needed a common language to speak when cleansing records and stitching disparate datasets; a CUSIP for commercial real estate, if you will. The Reonomy ID serves as the backbone across all our data products for stronger property identification. Now, CBRE will adopt this same key across their systems to better map their vast array of real estate information.

In conjunction with our entity resolution tool and flexible APIs, this standard provides multiple CBRE business lines with comprehensive access into their sprawling database in real-time.  Holistically, the breadth of property coverage and depth of our data unlocks a simpler, savvier experience for their users—something that is no longer a nice-to-have, but an absolute essential in this ever-changing market. To me, our ability to support these amazing business lines with what we’ve built and been able to achieve is really mission critical.

A global leader in our corner

Considering CBRE’s influence on the commercial real estate community, we’re proud they recognize how Reonomy can help and chose to advance their systems with us. As the world’s largest firm, they have prodigious amounts of data that need cleansing and condensing. We’re so excited to see our products in action to help CBRE’s databases and systems talk to each other seamlessly as we build their source of truth.

What else does this mean for Reonomy? We now have the vast majority of the leading brokerages, several banks, institutional investors, insurance companies, retailers and many others using our products and integrations—something that, six years ago, was a pipedream. Bringing them on board has been a valuable learning experience for all of us, and as we enhance our products for them and our other customers, we’re only going to improve as a whole. Better never stops, and to say I’m excited for what the future holds would be an understatement.

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