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Reonomy to be the first preferred vendor on CCM Tech's 'Site to do Business'

Today, we’re very excited to announce a partnership with CCIM Technologies, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCIM Institute, the premier provider of education to commercial real estate professionals.

The agreement makes Reonomy the first preferred vendor on CCIM Tech’s Site to do Business (STDB).

About CCIM Tech

CCIM Institute has been educating the best in CRE for over 50 years, and currently has designees in more than 30 global markets.

Its subsidiary, CCIM Technologies, Inc., is an application-focused company that specializes in existing and emerging geographic information systems (GIS) technologies. CCIM Technologies, Inc. operates Site to do Business (STDB), an integrated online resource for CCIM Institute members to conduct comprehensive site, financial, market, spatial, and competitive analysis. Both CCIM Tech and STDB are in place to serve as technological assets for all CCIM Institute members.

Introducing Reonomy as its first preferred vendor allows STDB to give CCIM Institute members easier access to property intelligence, as well as an exclusive discount for Reonomy app usage.

What the partnership means for Reonomy

For Reonomy, being the first preferred vendor on Site to do Business presents a tremendous opportunity for us to grow our user-base within one of the most sophisticated audiences in commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate can still be a “who you know” type of industry, where word-of-mouth plays a big role, and the influence of those considered leaders is immense.

The processes and tools used by the industry’s biggest players are going to be what others seek to emulate.

The CCIM Institute works with the cream of the crop across a number of different roles related to commercial real estate. Standardizing the use of Reonomy property intelligence among Institute members will allow us to ingrain ourselves as a go-to resource for companies across the nation.

Working with such a prestigious group allows Reonomy to not only serve the best of the best, but enables us to improve our application based on feedback from the most successful professionals in CRE.

“To be the best in the industry, you have to work with the best. CCIM Institute empowers the who’s who of CRE professionals, and they’re giving us the opportunity to play a big part in doing so.” Rich Sarkis, Reonomy Founder.

On the back of a $60 million Series D funding round, the agreement with CCIM Tech allows us to continue growing our offerings, while assuring our stance as the industry’s primary source of property intelligence.

Working with the best in commercial real estate

To be the industry’s primary source of property intelligence, it’s a priority that we continue to build relationships with CRE’s best—both on an individual and company-wide level.

Over the years, we have continued to build our network of industry-leading data partners, working with the likes of CoreLogic, Dun & Bradstreet, and Black Knight.

That said, however, the agreement with CCIM Tech signals the first of its kind for us—hopefully, the first of many.

Venturing into the education/resource space is a move that we’re ecstatic to make, in our continued search to grow with and alongside our user-base and help evolve the nature of information identification and analysis in CRE.

Building relationships from the ground up

Despite the partnership being new, this is not the first interaction between Reonomy and the CCIM Institute. Since our inception in 2013, many CCIM’s have utilized our platform in varying capacities.

Over the years, the relationship has grown organically, now excitingly spurring into a formal partnership.

Going forward, Reonomy will continue to chase after similar opportunities, nurturing powerful relationships from the ground up.

In the end, our goal is to bring together all of the titans of commercial real estate, and be the point where all the ends meet.

For our users, the more of these relationships we can build, the better—as it only stands to fuel a more robust, more refined platform for all.

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