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Reonomy add Infogroup to data partner network

Reonomy is excited to announce a new, exclusive partnership with the leading data and data-driven marketing solutions provider, Infogroup (now Data Axle).

With the partnership, we’ll successfully add another 315 million individuals and 24 million businesses to our existing national database of properties.

The agreement will help bolster the Reonomy platform’s breadth of data coverage, namely with regards to property ownership data, further enabling us to grow as the industry’s primary source of property intelligence.

About Infogroup

Infogroup primarily serves salespeople and marketers, but serves professionals across a wide variety of sectors.

By providing clients with in-depth consumer and business insights, Infogroup helps professionals build more impactful lead lists and multi-channel marketing campaigns, ultimately improving their lead generation and conversion efforts.

Infogroup’s solutions rely on proprietary business and consumer databases, which are supplemented with third-party data.

The company has been building its own data for more than 45 years, using verification calls to ensure the quality of that data. Currently, the company makes more than 24 million verifications call per year.

Building the roster

With the addition of Infogroup, Reonomy’s roster of data partners continues to grow, and continues to grow more diverse.

Alongside partners like Corelogic, Dun and Bradstreet, and Black Knight, Infogroup will introduce many more layers of demographic and company-level data to Reonomy’s national property coverage.

“By marrying our data with Infogroup’s rich consumer and business insights, our clients can now spend less time searching for accurate information and more time focusing on growing their bottom line,” said Rich Sarkis, Reonomy Co-founder and CEO.

Driven by these data partnerships, the Reonomy platform can continuously drive more poignant insights for users, ultimately helping them make more informed property-centric decisions.

“In partnering with Reonomy, we are joining forces as data powerhouses to connect dots for the end-user and enable better decision-making,” said Andrew Bloom, Chief Commercial Officer at Infogroup.

Across the Reonomy and Infogroup teams, there is an aligned effort to make sure other companies are set up for success in their efforts to grow their business (whether they’re in the commercial real estate industry or not).

This partnership greatly improves the ability for us to do so at a sizable scale.

Diversifying our database

We pride ourselves on having a platform with the most depth and breadth in the industry. Perhaps the biggest defining factor of data breadth would be its diversity.

Reonomy’s agreement with Infogroup further diversifies what was already a platform with great breadth. Going forward, we will seek to continue adding a diverse range of data partners, to assure that our platform is providing the utmost value to every user at all times.

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