Reonomy Data Coverage

Property Details

Property Details

Key property details to seed or enrich the universe of your database and enable derivative analysis.

Transaction History

Transaction History

Access sales and debt data to better understand property history and gauge potential opportunity.

Occupant Data

Occupant Data

Identify all locations for subject occupantss or industries across the U.S. to make better business decisions.

Ownership Data

Ownership Data

Create new records and update existing with ownership portfolio data, allowing your company to make actionable decisions when prospecting to new or known owners.


Web Application

Reonomy data, instantly accessed from any desktop browser. Our application is built to enhance your workflow & empower your team.


Data Solutions

Fuel your in-house systems via API or Data Feeds with reliable insights on property details, tax, transactions, ownership, occupants, and property shapes.


Industry Solutions

Explore how professionals in your industry are leveraging enhanced CRE data.

Sales Brokers

Improve your prospecting and relationship building with landlords with ease.

Lenders & Debt Brokers

Identify refinance opportunities, clarify messy property records, and better understand ownership portfolios.


Monitor asset performance, comps, identify distressed assets and more with Reonomy data.

Contracting Services

Identify targeted opportunities, enter new markets, and build relationships with property owners.

Property Services

Grow your business with access to property, occupant & ownership details.

Energy Services

Search any market in the U.S. to identify properties in need of your services.

Let Data Work for You

We’ve brought the world of real estate data into one source to transform the way you operate. We empower your team to identify opportunities, research property details, and contact owners.

Our Coverage
52M+ Properties
38M+ Occupant Records
150K+ CMBS Loans
30M+ People Profiles
100M+ Company Profiles
100 Datapoints per Property
3100 Counties Covered
384 MSAs Covered