At a national level, the multifamily asset class typically offers the most steady ROI for property investors. Even during these uncertain times for CRE investors, multifamily continues to perform well.

Multifamily assets offer plenty of advantages to investors. Therefore this class also offers plenty of advantages to brokers, service providers, lenders, insurance providers, appraisers…

I think you get the point.

Below, we’ll discuss the advantages of searching for multifamily homes off-market. Then, we will run through the best commercial and residential listings sites for finding multifamily homes for sale.

How to Find Multifamily Homes for Sale

While on-market listings are the traditional way to find property for sale, more and more deals are scoured off-market by brokers and investors.

Discover Multifamily Sellers Off-Market

Searching for sellers off-market removes the limits to your search because you’re not just looking at what’s actively for sale. Brokers can identify winnable listings before the competition has a chance to intervene.

Closing deals off-market allows you to save immensely on your investment by avoiding broker fees and competition-driven price hikes.

Identifying Multifamily Sellers on Reonomy

Reonomy allows you to quickly drill into the multifamily homes market in any U.S. neighborhood based on:

  • Multifamily home/building type
  • Building and lot size
  • Number of units
  • Sales dates and amounts
  • Loan timelines and amounts

Notably, you can discover properties that haven’t sold in 5, 7, 10, or more years—or any year-range of your choice. Because these properties haven’t sold recently, they are more likely to sell in the near future. Therefore, you can approach the owners before the property goes on the market and make a deal with the decision-makers directly.

Using Reonomy’s off-market search tool, you can quickly identify multifamily properties that meet your needs:

  • In the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ MSA
  • With 20-30 units
  • That last sold for less than $1 million
  • In an Opportunity Zone

That can all happen with just a few clicks.

Reonomy Multi family homes for sale Phoenix

The results reveal the reported owner of a property. Using this information, you can further determine LLC members, decision-makers, and their respective contact details.

Learn more about that process here.

Multifamily Properties for Sale: Commercial Listings

To search the active market for multifamily homes for sale, you can use one of many on-market listings platforms.

First up: commercial listings.

LoopNet Multifamily Properties

LoopNet is always going to be one of the first places online users end up when searching for any kind of commercial property for sale. This platform has the widest on-market coverage of U.S. commercial real estate.

According to their site, LoopNet has 500,000 listings available—many of which are multifamily properties.

LoopNet Multi family homes for sale

When searching for multifamily properties on LoopNet, you can add further filters to identify more specific property types. These filters include Garden, Low/Mid/High-Rise, Dormitory, and Manufactured Housing/Mobile Home.

In your multifamily search on LoopNet, you’ll find many apartment buildings and complexes for sale, as well as duplexes, triplexes, and more. The platform’s wide net of available properties is the best place to start your multifamily property search.

CREXi Multifamily Properties

CREXi is another all-encompassing commercial real estate listings platform that includes many searchable multifamily homes. Similar to LoopNet, CREXi is an industry leader and showcases hundreds of thousands of available properties across all asset classes.

Begin your search by choosing a property type and location.

From there, choose from the many filters to make your search more specific, including property size, price, individual unit measurements, lease type, and more.

You can also add custom keywords to narrow down your search even further.

CityFeet Multifamily Properties

Owned by LoopNet, CityFeet has a large sum of multifamily listings of their own, with a majority of the focus on the New York market.

CityFeet Multi family homes for sale

You can begin your CityFeet search by choosing whether you’d like to see commercial properties for sale or for lease, and then select a property type and location.

The platform does include listings outside of New York, but the results are not as extensive as the nationwide listings platforms.

CIMLS Multifamily Properties

When searching for properties on CIMLS, you must first enter the desired location. Then, you can access a much more elaborate search page complete with additional filters, such as location filters, property type filters, and price.

CIMLS offers roughly two dozen property types to search through, one of which is multifamily properties.

Catylist Multifamily Properties

Catylist is another listings platform that includes a variety of commercial property types, including retail, office, industrial, vacant land, multifamily, and more.

The site currently has listings in more than 40 markets across the U.S. Users can identify properties using a number of filters, including sub-categories of the multifamily property type. These filters include duplex/fourplex, government-subsidized properties, high/mid/low-rise, mobile home park, senior living, and more.

Catylist multi family homes for sale

Brevitas Multifamily Properties

Like most of the other sites on this list, you can start your Brevitas search by selecting a property type and location, and use that as a basis to dive further into the market.

What sets Brevitas apart from many other listings sites, however, is that they offer access to exclusive listings for just $29 per month.

Multifamily Homes for Sale: Residential Listings

Additionally, there are a number of residential real state platforms that feature multifamily investment opportunities. However, keep in mind that these websites often don’t offer as many results as CRE-focused listings platforms.

Zillow Multifamily Homes

Zillow has perhaps the widest spanning coverage of on-market properties in the country, including multifamily homes.

If you are looking to find a duplex for sale or any other smaller-scale multifamily home, Zillow will undoubtedly provide you with a large volume of options.

Zillow multi family homes for sale

Filters for “Home Types” on Zillow include:

  • Multifamily
  • House
  • Condo
  • Townhouse
  • Land
  • Mobile/Manufactured
  • Other

Trulia Multifamily Homes

Trulia is another residential platform. It’s popular thanks to its simple yet intuitive user interface.

trulia multi family homes for sale

Investors, sellers, renters, and brokers all use Trulia because of its user-friendly functionality. Like Zillow, Trulia includes many filter options to help investors identify the best property for their portfolio. Multifamily Homes takes a bit of a different approach to its search functionality. The platform uses down-to-earth language and easy search filters to allow for a more casual feel.

For instance, on the home search page, uses, “I’m willing to spend,” as the selection where you can apply your price limit.

The platform also lets you search for a home based solely on its features, such as having a pool, a fenced-in yard, or whether it’s on a main street or a waterfront. multi family homes for sale

Oodle Multifamily Homes

Oodle is more of an overall listings marketplace, similar to Craiglist or other local listings platforms. Items for sale include cars, job listings, and merchandise. It also has a fair amount of real estate listings.

oodle multi family homes for sale

On their real estate listings page, you can search for many different commercial and residential property types. While most of their listings are for single-family homes, they do also have multifamily home listings.

Asset Column Multifamily Homes

Asset Column is a listings platform focusing on giving buyers and sellers the information they need to make the best investment decisions. Instead of merely listing multifamily homes for sale, the platform offers resources designed specifically for investors.

These tools help property investors like fix-and-flippers and rental property owners make sure they get the best deal on their real estate investments. Multifamily Homes is another site that lets users search for properties using more casual language, similar to that of

When adding your property type filters on, you have to instead choose a “Home Type,” as the site’s listings are only for homes for sale. multi family search

Among the options, of course, is “multifamily.” Multifamily Homes is a listings platform for homeowners, renters, and sellers. It’s a competitor of real estate giants Zillow and Trulia, featuring primarily residential properties. However, the website includes some multifamily properties as well.

Despite having a heavier focus on the New York market, has nationwide listings across many asset types.

Users can search for multifamily homes for sale, as well as other house types, farms, and land for sale.

Realtor multi family homes for sale

They also offer mortgage information so that users can see current mortgage rates related to their property search.

Point2Homes Multifamily Homes

Point2Homes offers multifamily listings across the U.S. and in various other markets around the world such as Canada, Mexico, Panama, the Bahamas, Philippines, and more.

Point2Homes Apartment Buildings for Sale

After entering your location, you’ll be brought to a more extensive search page where you can filter by multifamily properties, or a number of other property types and measurements.

Multifamily Homes for Sale Near Me: Local/Regional Listings

The following examples are more localized platforms—the type of platforms that you might find when searching, “multifamily homes for sale near me.”

Many of the platforms above will have options in your market of choice. However, local listings can add depth to your search, or connect you with more localized brokers and owners.

Since the sum of all local examples is exorbitant, we look at just a few examples for those seeking local deals.

Craigslist Multifamily Homes for Sale by Owner

Craigslist listings are broken down into their individual geographic markets, thus making the site great for very local investment discovery. And there are a lot of markets: one for nearly every major metropolitan area in the country.

Within these markets, users can search for specific sub-types of multifamily homes for sale, but not for multifamily homes as a whole.

Under “Housing Type,” users can add filters for apartment buildings, duplexes, townhouses, and a few other commercial and residential property types. Multifamily Listings is a great option for investors searching for multifamily homes for sale in New Jersey.

This is a specific example of a local listing platform available for property buyers in different locations around the country. multi family homes for sale’s real estate page offers news, listings, and other resources to visitors.

You can search properties within Homes, Commercial, New Construction, and Foreclosures.

Within the homes for sale page, you can search for multifamily, apartments, mobile homes, and duplexes for sale.

Read more about how to find multifamily homes for sale in NJ.

Pelletier Group

Pelletier Group is a New Hampshire-based realty group, with listings for commercial and residential sales and rentals in the state. This website is another great example of local market listings platforms for both buyers and sellers.

pelletier multi family homes for sale

On Pelletier’s site, you can add filters to identify condos, land, mobile homes, and multifamily properties for sale in NH. You can also conduct more general searches for commercial, residential, or rentals.

Read more about how to find multifamily homes for sale in NH.

Commercial MLS Multifamily Homes

Commercial MLS is a Northwest-focused listings platform, primarily serving areas of Oregon and Washington.

This site is an example of a regional site—whose focus goes beyond just a single state.

Bolstering Your Multifamily Portfolio

Regardless of the platform(s) you end up using, it’s most important to try a variety of tools—even combining them to use to your advantage and get a more complete picture of the market.

Additionally, bolstering your search with off-market information is certainly something to consider.

By using an off-market search platform like Reonomy, your deal discovery process can become much more versatile and in-depth. Using all available tools, you will be able to strengthen your overall knowledge of commercial real estate in the markets that matter most to you.

Discover your ideal assets, with the data you need to close deals. Start Searching

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