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Commercial real estate professionals and hobbyists seek land for sale for two main reasons. One reason is to buy property for their own use (such as farmland).

The other reason is to buy property strictly for investment and profit (which can be any type of commercial land).

How to Find Land for Sale

To identify the most desirable land for sale, buyers can search either on or off-market.

On-market searches are usually more common, but the benefits of off-market are often overlooked.

Search for Land Off-Market

By searching for land off-market, buyers can avoid broker fees and the high competition of other buyers.

Furthermore, while off-market properties are not technically for sale, just about every property owner will sell at a certain price, making an off-market search limitless.

Off-market property information can also be used to inform on-market transaction decisions.

Recent sale prices, market trends, and other property comparables on off-market properties can be used as a reference point when deciding whether on-market listings are worth pursuing.

Potential buyers can look at recent sale prices of specific off-market property types, as well as use off-market property transactions as a way to identify market trends and other comparables.

They can then use this information as a reference point when deciding whether an on-market listing is worth pursuing.

Land for Sale Listings

When searching for land for sale on the market, commercial real estate professionals and hobbyists of any kind can use online listings platforms.

Since there are many different types of property and land, and many different types of property buyers, there are many different types of listings platforms.

Finding your go-to listings platform can take almost as much research as finding the perfect land-buying opportunity.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best platforms to use when searching for commercial land for sale on the market:

These platforms all offer different interfaces for users, and let them search with varying levels of granularity. Let’s look at each platform individually for a bit more context.


LoopNet is one of the most extensive and well-recognized commercial real estate listings platforms on the internet, and is often the first place prospective buyers will go when trying to find land for sale (or any other commercial asset type, for that matter).

There are currently 5 million monthly LoopNet users searching through the platform’s 500,000 available property listings.

LoopNet Land Search

Among the many asset types that a user can search for on LoopNet, users can see that there is a search filter for Land, which, if applied, will show users a list of commercial land, vacant land, farmland, ranches, as well as any other type of land property for sale.

Land and Farm

Land and Farm is a listings platform specifically engineered for those looking to buy and sell land.

The site currently has more than 10 million acres of “farms, ranches, residential, commercial, and other types of land for sale.” Other types of land might include recreational, vineyard, or hunting land.

Land and Farm Land for Sale

When diving into Land and Farm’s listings, properties are searchable by location (state, county, city, or zip code), price, acreage, and property type.


LandWatch is another platform specifically made for finding different types of land for sale.

The site includes nearly 1.4 million land listings, including hunting grounds, waterfronts, farms and ranches. LandWatch also includes international listings, which are not often available on land listing platforms.

LandWatch Land for Sale


Catylist is another wide-ranging listings platform that includes, among many other property types, vacant land, farms, ranches, and more.

Catylist has property listings across more than 40 markets in the US, with more than 130,000 total listings to sort through. Catylist lets users sort listings by property type, listing type (for sale or for lease), and whether properties are distressed, for auction, or for investment.


When discussing listing platforms of any kind, Craiglist can almost never be excluded. On the site, users can search by a number of different asset types aside from land.

Specific asset types can be found under “housing type” on Craigslist’s search page, where users can see vacant, recreational, waterfront, and a variety of other land being sold within a specific geographic location.


With its self-explanatory name, LandSaleListings is another site offering listings on virtually any type of land being offered by, “brokers, agents, land professionals, and for sale by owner (FSBO).”

Users can search for properties by country, state, sale price, and acreage. This site also includes a great deal of international land for sale – an uncommon perk among listings platforms.

LandSaleListings Land for Sale


LandLeader specializes in exclusive farm, ranch, and recreational land listings in over 35 states in North America.

Their brokers represent “land for sale, farms for sale, waterfront properties, timberland, recreational land, legendary ranches, hunting land for sale and more.”

LandLeader Land for Sale

Although they refer to themselves as a “property marketing platform,” LandLeader is as much a listings platform as any other site on this list. Users can find specific land listings by searching for property type, acres, state, and price.


CREXi, the “advanced CRE marketplace,” includes listings across more than 15 different property asset types.

Among those assets, users can search for land properties for sale, and then further narrow down their search by adding a location, broker, or other descriptions on top of the selected property type.

CREXi Land for Sale

Lands of America

Like LoopNet, Lands of America is also owned by the CoStarGroup.

It is a listings platform that focuses on “rural real estate online,” listing land, farms, ranches, acreages, and country homes for sale in North America.

Lands of America Land for Sale

Users can search for land for sale in any state, and then further dive into specific regions, counties, cities, and land types within that state. Lands of America has over 40,000 total land listings across the U.S.

Commercial and Industrial Multiple Listing Service (CIMLS)

The Commercial and Industrial Multiple Listing Service (CIMLS) is an all-inclusive listings platform for all types of commercial real estate for sale in the U.S., including land, farm, ranches, and many other properties for sale.

CIMLS Land for Sale

CIMLS currently has over 320,000 registered users, and 500 billion dollars worth of commercial property listings spanning across all 50 U.S. states, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Leavitt Digital

Leavitt Digital is a company that focuses heavily on the seller-side of commercial listings, working with hundreds of news websites to increase the potential reach of online property listings.

Still, for prospective buyers, Leavitt has a great deal of listings across more than a dozen asset types, one of them being land. The site can still be very beneficial for buyers seeking land in the U.S.


Brevitas allows users to search both on and off-market international listings for a number of different asset types, including land. Brevitas includes built in digital marketing tools with their site as well, creating an environment for both buyers and sellers to use their platform.

Brevitas Land for Sale

Brevitas’ added focus on private listings differentiates them from many of the other land listings platforms available.

In the end, the listings platform that any buyer decides to use will depend on their geographic preference, land property type focus, as well as a number of other property-specific factors.

Off-Market Advantage

Furthermore, while all of these platforms are helpful in finding different types of land property for sale, it is still crucial for buyers not to overlook the world of off-market data now available to them.

For any prospective buyer, off-market knowledge is truly the only way to gain a full and immersive understanding of desirable markets and target properties, and can be paired with any one of these platforms, or used separately, to find the perfect piece of land, for sale at the exact right price.

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